The 17 Biggest Time Wasting Mistakes People make During Painting Part 2

MISTAKE #1: Not Inspecting

We recommend that you do a quick test to help you determine the job you have ahead of you. In a subtle place where the paint is the worst, clean the surface, let it dry and paint a small area (these tips can be used for interior painting also). The next day, stick a simple piece of tape to the surface and then pull it off quickly. If the tape stays clean, then it’™s safe to completely repaint after doing some scraping, washing and preparing your total house for the new facelift. If the tape pulls off all the paint down to the bare wood, the house needs to be stripped before it’s repainted with treated paint.

MISTAKE #2: What are you really Painting On?

What Paint do you have?

Before you repaint an area, find out if the existing coat of paint is oil or latex. Dip a cloth in alcohol and wipe a small area of the surface. If the paint rubs off, it’™s most likely latex.

Several homes, especially older homes can be covered with oil paint. You have two options when repainting houses with oil paint: touching-up or stripping to the bare surface.

You can from time-to-time attempt touch-ups with oil but understand, the paint will continue to peel as it oxidizes and becomes brittle. When this happens, one idea, is to scrape off the peeling portions, prime the bare spots and repaint with latex paint. Areas that weren’t scraped will then peel and, as you repeat the process, your house will eventually be covered with latex paint that sticks.

The second option is to strip the complete house down to the bare surface and start over with latex paint. This option will cost you a few dollars up front, but when done correctly it can save money on patch jobs repainting. Stripping and completely repainting is a must if you find widespread paint failure such as flaking and cracking. Peeling, blistering, or wrinkling are normally caused by excessive moisture, heat or humidity. It is important that you correct the moisture that’s causing these problems before repainting.

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